Marsden Medical Practice

Nursing services

Nurse Consultations :

standard consult (15min)

e.g weight control programs, family planning advice, bp management and CV risk factor management                                                            $25

Nursing services:

Ear syringing, blood glucose monitoring,  IMI injection, e.g B12,  Depot Provera injections , desensitising injections ( as part of a course of injections)    $25

Specific i.v. infusions - dependent on observation time and medication costs

'Flu vaccination (adults or children)                                        $30

'Flu vaccination (adults 65 or older or with chronic condition stipulated by

Ministry of Health (funded)                                                     FREE


ECG                                                                                               $50 ( Dr will interpret)

Lung function/ Spirometry                                                            $50 (Dr will interpret)

Registered Nurse  smear  test  - no CSC  (enrolled and funded)   $45        


Registered Nurse venepuncture (for ordered blood tests)             $10

Last Updated: June  2015