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Letters of Referral:

Letters of referral to specialists, photocopies, reports etc are charged for, depending on time taken and materials used. Postage is taken into account.


Medical Certificates:

The Doctors are unable to provide medical certificates if he/she has not seen the patient at the time of illness.



Payment at the time of consultation is appreciated. Accounts, with prior arrangements will be sent at the end of each month; a statement fee will be charged. Eftpos is available. Sorry we are unable to take credit cards. If accounts are not paid after 3 months and no arrangement has been made with the Practice Manager these accounts may be passed on to a Debt Collector.


Return Visits:

If the Doctor requests a return visit, then this is typically indicating that the medical issue discussed at the first visit requires further consideration after investigations.   Diagnosis is one of the chief functions of primary health care and occasionally this takes time.  Return visits are for the benefit of the patient's well being and we do not take this decision lightly.




Test Results:

We ask that patients who have had any tests done, to telephone the surgery for their results. If there is a life-threatening situation or a need to change any medication or discuss further management we will be in touch at the earliest opportunity.



We do try to keep to appointment times but this becomes difficult if not enough time has been booked for any individual or if an emergency arises. We do try to contact patients if we are running very late. We are very happy for patients to contact us prior to their appointment to gauge the waiting time of that particular session.

We do try to accommodate our clients whenever and wherever possible. We would appreciate your approach to a staff member regarding any suggestions, problems or complaints that might arise so that we may deal with them promptly



Last Updated: June 11, 2006