Preventative Health Checks

Recommended preventative health examination for a woman aged 20-49 years

This information was compiled from recommendations made by various healthcare organizations and generally applies to healthy individuals without a specific disease or
additional risk factors. Because recommendations can vary depending on your situation, be sure to talk with your doctor to discuss and understand your personal health guidelines.

Periodic Health Checks for Women aged 20-49yrs

Blood Pressure and Weight At least every 1-2 years
Cholesterol At least once every 5 years


Tetanus-diphtheria :

Measles and Chickenpox


Every 10 years

Please discuss these and other vaccinations if you are considering pregnancy

Mammography If over the age of 40yrs every 2 years
breast exam

Monthly self-exam

Clinical examination every 1-2 years

Pelvic examination Smear test (PAP Smear) every 1-3 years
Diabetes Screening Every 3 years or as per individual risk
Eye Exam Over age 40: Every 2-4 years


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