Influenza on the increase:

While influenza illness can be particularly severe or life threatening for those with ongoing medical conditions such as asthma, or diabetes  for the majority of people a bad dose of the 'flu will mean a week or two off work.

The "true 'flu" is no cold  (check out the differences).You start with chills then maybe shakes, your muscles will then feel like you have been run over by a bus.   You will have sweats and fevers.  You will want to stay in bed and tell your partner you are dying.....  You will look for sympathy and phone in sick.

Treatment is symptomatic, paracetamol, fluids, rest and most people are back into work in a week or so.

Influenza is a disease that never fully disappears. It circulates all year round in tropical countries and affects countries with temperate climates, like New Zealand, in the winter months.

Vaccination is the best way for people to protect themselves against influenza. The A/Fujian strain, currently causing the outbreaks in the United Kingdom, has been incorporated into the vaccine that will be available in March prior to thia year's winter influenza season here.

It is important that people that work in crowded office situations, attend meetings frequently or face the public (schoolteachers, managers, office workers) consider their risk of exposure to influenza virus. 

The vaccine is able to be given at the work place by our doctors or nurses and is available each year from mid March to June.

Vaccination is required every year as the vaccine is updated annually to reflect current circulating strains.


Groups of employees are able to be vaccinated against strains of influenza
If you would like your staff to have a flu shot please talk to our nurses by calling ph 638-9200 or drop us a line

Many people are not aware that our practice vaccinates a regular number of companies and organisation each year.

As with all vaccinations there may be reasons why vaccination may not be the best option.  Our medical staff would be very happy to advise you further.




download a recent paper on the cost-effectiveness of flu vaccination


PDF file: cost benefit for a occupational vaccination programme for influenza


The NZ Ministry of Health clearly recognizes the benefits of flu vaccination and provides for free vaccination to NZ residents who are over the age of 65 years or who have certain conditions.


Let us quote your company for vaccinating your workforce.

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